Aluminum Print by Vince Rizzo
Aluminum Print by Vince Rizzo

We now offer the ability to print on other mediums other than paper and canvas.  After talking to photographers and testing these new printing techniques for ourselves, we are excited at the results . We now offer printing on aluminum and acrylic! Both of these mediums contain their own benefits, but they share one thing in common: They will take your art and photography to a whole new level.

1. No framing or matting required. Print your photograph on a sheet of metal or hard plastic. We attach a hanger on the back, and that’s it! Your art piece will float off the wall and stand out in a way paper prints just can’t.  It saves time and money.

2. Your work becomes 3-Dimensional, giving it a level of interactivity unachievable with common printing techniques. Your work will appear deeper and more detailed than ever before.  When you print on acrylic, it will appear as if we framed with a sheet of glass over the image. Because of that effect, these prints will have a luminesce similar to that of your computer monitor.

3. Print on a material that matches your subject! Imagine taking photos of the Walnut Street Bridge or a vintage Camaro.  How cool would it be to print on actual metal to print out the true look of a man-made object?  We can print on a smooth, white aluminum or brushed aluminum for an added industrial feel.

4. Your prints will be extra durable due to the hard plastic and metal material. They will last longer and withstand the elements in ways paper obviously can’t.  Transporting or shipping your artwork is easier than ever with these new materials!

We are very excited about the possibilities with aluminum and acrylic prints.  Our printer is warmed up and ready to go, send us your work right now!  Have questions? Want to try and print on even more materials? Let’s talk! We are open to new ideas and techniques all the time!

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