Custom and Wall Cling Installations

Art Warehouse has installed several large wall clings and custom walls. Add in an acrylic with standoffs along with some other unique installations with routed letters.

The acrylic was mounted on top of a 2 panel wall mural in a recessed wall. The green wall was artificial grass panels measuring 11-3/4″x11-3/4″, with relief texture. The client wanted letters initially with posts sticking through. We chose to route out the individual panels to make all of the letters on the same level. Each letter was inserted into its pocket and then each panel was adhered to the wall. The theme was carried over to another 4 panel wall cling.

The large 55′ wall consisted of an aerial image and vintage photos and a space for a TV monitor. It consisted of 14 panels to cover the entire wall.

Materials Used:

-Wall Cling

-Brushed Aluminum

-Faux Grass Panels

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