University Student Center

Art Warehouse was chosen to install several large wall clings, custom cut wall hangings, as well as printing pictures on brushed aluminum and sintra at a new student center for a local university.

The large ‘3’ ball required oversize pvc with a printed mural adhered since it was to be raised off the wall to give dimension as it was installed next to a pool table. There were several wall murals for stairwells to liven up a normally blank area. They also wanted the logo for the dining area printed on brushed aluminum and to be routed out and installed on a brick wall with standoffs. The store sign, they wanted the individual letters floated off the wall and the wall to be visible underneath which was accomplished using 1/4″ acrylic as a base and CNC cutting the letters so the black letters could inset into the acrylic. The customer supplied the aluminum formica to cut out for their information desk and wanted it all one piece, so we cut to their specifications. We printed small to large aluminum and brushed aluminum pictures for them to hang throughout the center.

Materials Used:

-Wall Cling

-Brushed Aluminum

-White Aluminum

-1/4″ Acrylic

– 6mm PVC

In process three ball
Three ball hanging
CK2 cut out
CK2 detail
CK2 detail
CK2 Hanging
Southern Shoppe Hanging
Wall Cling Installed
Trimming Wall Cling
Trimming Wall Cling
Installing Wall Cling
Installing Wall Cling
'Info' CNC Cut-out
Brushed Aluminum Hanging
Sintra Hanging
Sintra Grouping
Brushed Aluminum Hanging
Wall Cling in inset wall