…What Camera Should I Use to Get Great Photos?

We get this question asked all the time. This is a simple question but also a difficult question.

Easy Answer: The camera you have in your hand… IE: an iPhone, or Android phone.

We all have our smart phone handy at any given moment. The latest phones do pretty darn good and we can print images from smart phones as large as 30″x40″ very easily. The main thing when using a smart phone, when sending an image to be printed, always send the actual image file (iPhone asks what size file you want to send when sending via email and android phones will send the actual photo file) to whoever is going to be printing the file. And the one thing that you should always make sure of, is the focus. If you hold the phone steady while taking a photo, more than likely, the autofocus will work perfectly. This is the one thing that we at Art Warehouse cannot fix, is the focus. If the image is out of focus, pick another shot that is in focus.


Now… the difficult answer: What is your budget? What is your desired outcome?

If you just want a camera that can capture family get-togethers like Thanksgiving or birthdays, and you don’t want to break the bank, then a good point and shoot digital camera will produce excellent quality images. The sensor on a point and shoot digital camera is bigger than your smart phone sensor. And when comes to printing, the file will be good up to 60″ wide! Again, just make sure the focus is good. Point and shoot digital cameras range in price from a couple of hundred dollars to even upwards of $1100-$1200.

If you want to get more creative and choose settings for low-light or action, then a digital SLR will be a good choice to allow for growth and learning. DSLRs range in price from a few hundred to several thousands depending on sensor size and durability. Most entry level DSLRs can produce stunning images.

This is not an all inclusive post on which camera to get or which has the best features. It is just meant to give you some things to think about. We have printed for professional photographers all the way to a grandmother that has a snapshot of her grandkids on her phone. We treat all the images the same. Just remember, the best picture is the one you capture, no matter the camera. Next time you see an image on the wall, ask yourself, what camera took that photo? In other words, you won’t know what camera took the photo. It could have been an iPhone or a $5,000 DSLR. So don’t get caught up in how expensive the camera is or how cheap the camera is, they all are perfect when you need to take a picture.

So, decide for yourself what camera is the perfect camera, then use it.

And you don’t need to be this guy….